EKFA branded products for sale consists of DVD, Kettlebells, different types and range of exercise belts.

Energy Solid

After manufacturing more than 20k kgs kettlebells, we are now venturing into manufacturing strength equipment with over 50 series of equipment at best quality with bio mechanically correct designed machines ,as needed in commercial set ups.

Quality being first priority we took over 6 months of time to understand the need of customers based on space availability and cost spend on capital.

We ensure you top service India wide on Energy products.

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Energy Solid

DVD NAME: OMT One Month Transformation Program

One month transformation DVD is for those individuals who want to workout at home with or without personal trainer. DVD gives complete instructions of workout done 3 times a week with Kettlebell and own body weight. Workout have warm ups and cool down instructions and nutrition guidelines.

One month transformation ensures you result of 3-4 kgs of weight loss.

DVD has entire instructions of workouts in English and is in HD (High Definition) quality video.

Best buy for Personal Trainers or fitness enthusiast who works out at home and want to see results only in one month for a special occasion like Marriage or any special event.

Prize: Only Rs 600/-, EKFA Member : Rs 400 /-

DVD NAME: 40KBT (40 Mins Kettlebell Body Transformation)

40KBT is 4 months training program, starting from basic KB lifting to little advance lifting packed in 4 months. The workouts are to be done alternate days for 3 times a week.

Workouts can be done by anyone and can be understood easily. Workouts are implemented, used by housewife's, IT professionals and have come across unbelievable results, based on our 2 months trial program before launching.

DVD has entire instruction's of workouts in Hindi and is in HD (High Definition) quality video.

Best buy for Personal Trainers or fitness enthusiaist who works out at home.

Prize: Only Rs 800/-

For courier or further details contact: or call +91-7303382255

Solid Kettlebell

Solid Kettlebell :- Solid kettlebells are made up of high grade cast iron.
Coating types : Epoxy coating and enamel coating with lacker to increase life of colour
Sizes : 4Kg, 6 Kg, 8 Kg, 12 Kg, 14 Kg
Packing : Carton box and plastic bag
Color : Standard Black Color

Hollow Championship Kettlebell

Hollow Championship Kettlebell : These kettlebells are made up of Cast Steel.
Coating types: Epoxy coating and enamel coating with lacker to increase life of color
Sizes: 8 Kg, 12 Kg, 16 Kg, 20 Kg, 24 Kg, 28 Kg, 32 Kg. Any higher weights Kettlebells are order to make.
Packing : Carton box and plastic bag
Color : Standard International color coding for different Kettlebells

Olympic Lifting Shoes

Olympic Lifting Shoes : There is a purpose for their unusual design. Some of the shoe features that are different from other shoes are a hard, flat sole, an elevated heel, straps, and a snug fit around your foot. The best thing about the olympic shoe is that it increases your hip and ankle flexibility which help you get lower in a squat. Two fundamental elements of weightlifting technique have had the greatest impact for the creation of a specialized weightlifting shoe. Ultimately, they were the driving forces behind the evolution in the design of the footwear: 1) the method by which the weightlifter moved his body under barbell; 2) the disposition of the weightlifter’s principle “kinematic links” (the trunk, thigh and shin) in the starting posture to lift the barbell. Further use of Oly shoes in Kettlebell lifting is also proven to improve performance in lifting, so as to give a solid balance.

Sizes : Any Size available (Order to make)

Color : As per demand available