About Us

Energy24x7 Kettlebell Club

Energy24x7 Kettlebell Club is part of EKFA - Energy Kettlebell Fitness academy who is affiliated with WKSF, World Kettlebell Sport Federation. Italy & WAKSC, World Association of Kettlebell Sport Club, Russia for Kettlebell sport development in country and developing various sport clubs. We have imparted Kettlebell training in over 20 states of India and 3 countries. Parag Mhetre and his team of Kettlebell sport athlete's are on mission to reach 10 million people of India. The Workouts in our club are goal oriented and not random. Many clubs run program without Goal. Weight loss is mostly a package which is brought in clubs for 3 or 6 months, we don't sell such packages. Fitness is destination. If you are motivated to motivate your family members with Goal in mind, then we are running a successful club and training you for fitness and helping you achieve your goals.

Kettlebell, sandbag, Olympic lifting, calisthenics, power lifting, battling rope, TRX training, wall balls, rehabilitation for sports and strength and conditioning with body weight training are key training in Energy24x7 Club.