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Functional Training

Function Functonal Fit

Love to play golf? How would you like to swing your clubs with greater ease? Have a 2 year old at home?
Wouldn't you love to chase your toddler around the house without tweaking a muscle?
Approaching your golden years? How great would it be if you could bend down to tie your shoes without
feeling that twinge in your back? All things are possible with Functional training, a breakthrough type of
workout that aims to help you do things you love to do - ONLY BETTER!!

Unlike other fitness programs like Aerobics, Pilates, Power Yoga, Spinning etc. that deliver real but limited benefits towards overall physical fitness, Functional fitness training which combines weight training with
stability and balancing exercises, helps you achieve all ten components of physical fitness that are aimed
at making your body perform at its best for what it was built.

Getting your body to move better
Helping you move better in your daily life, in recreational activities, and in sports - that's what Functional training is all about. Forget about hitting gym, lifting barbells, or doing endless crunches. You don't need any of these things to achieve Functional fitness.

Instead Functional training relies on movements and exercise that mimic what you do in real life. Doesn't that make more sense than practicing a bunch of movements you would never do outside the gym?

Focusing on how the body functions
The human body is an amazing machine that's designed for all kinds of movement - walking, running, twisting, reaching, and bending - the list goes on. You probably think you use your legs to walk and your arms to reach. You do, but those aren't the only body parts involved. What you may not realize is that to perform any of these movements, you have to get your whole body working together. That's because your body functions as an integrated system rather than a bunch of individual parts.

A typical problem is that most gyms don't offer a wide array of fitness trainings that suit your bodily needs.

Energy24x7 works on invisible health through nutrition and workouts.


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