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Mobile Personal Training (FLAX45)


One of the unique concept, once again the only club which offers personal training with motivation at your home as per your convenience. We are just call away for appointment and our certified trainers would come your home/office to make you understand FLAX45 program, FLAX45 is a family package.

We have design 2 modules in this section, based on your fitness levels you can choose one out of two.

Module 1 - Valid for 3 months 
Module 2 - Valid for 4.5 months (Advance training includes Suspension training)

Our Guarantee: -

Target FAT % reduction to be around 3-5% in 3 months , or 25% money back guarantee as per company policy. We guarantee you that you need not join any Gym/Club for any fitness program your entire life.

For further details please contact our office or you can send us email. 

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