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Health Club Management Services



We undertake gym management services including staffing, member training, Nutrition management, sales & marketing etc.

We manage all types of gyms, which can be located within corporate parks, big residential society gyms and standalone gyms.

Planning and designing of health club layouts etc.

Fitness Club Setup :-
If you plan to open health club, we can assist you in following things, which needs to be taken care of like marketing strategy, staff selection & training, automation applications, policies & procedures, etc.

Our Services in Club setups include :-

  1. Selection of right equipment with the brands required covered carpet area.
  2. Fitness equipment layout and supervising during installation.
  3. Setting up annual budget depending on area of the Club.
  4. Policies, procedures and set of standards for the Club.
  5. Pre-sales (before opening the club) and marketing strategy for business.
  6. Rate card design.
  7. Poster design in Clubs.
  8. Health card design for individuals.
  9. Providing Sales, HR, operation and Programmers manual.

Terms and Conditions :-
Please contact office for further details.

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