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Dr. Prof Muralidhar Patkar (Director)
Indian Institute for Aeronautical Engineering and IT Pune.
At the age of 70 years, I still feel energetic, healthy and active; Thanks to Kettlebell workouts Program and other personal training programs conducted by Mr. Parag Mhetre. Backed by Science and Technology, the floor exercises and flexible programs work towards individual needs of the body and soul. It is an experience that one must get practically and feel the difference. All that one has to do is, give it a try, and one will practice lifelong to reap the benefits.
I recommend personal training program to one and all, age no bar.
Anil Kulkarni
Anil Kulkarni(64)
EX-Senior VP
KPIT Cummins.
Methodical and systematic exercises helped me to bend, walk, and turn easily at this age. I recommended his program to my team at KPIT.
Anandrao Patil(85)
Chairman, Bharti Vidyapeth
Chairman, Council for equitable water rights,Maha state
President, Forum for school edu & skill developement,Maha state
At the age of 85,I lost all hope of recovering from long standing back pain,before I met Parag Mhetre for personal training.Due to my busy schedule I took up personal training with him and with help of TRX Suspension exercises and Kettlebell exercises, within 3 months I could see amazing results. I am lean so I was not looking to lose weight,but getting fitter at this age and recovering is difficult task which I over came from his workouts.His organic diet recommendation and functional workouts is next thing in fitness.Wish him good luck.
Sarah Kemmler(22)
Gymnasts and Student.
I am an athlete, staying in Germany. I wanted someone who can train me with good intensity. Functional fitness is common in Europe, not much familiar in India, but Parag's exercises were intense and challenging, I never miss my training I took in Germany, Parag never made me realize that, I am happy to meet him and take his lessons on Functional fitness, especially TRX Suspension.
Jaideep Muzumdar(42)
AVP, Credit Suisse, India.
I have been part of the personal Training Program since September 2010, and am glad to say that already I feel more energetic, fit and find that some of my older clothes fit better! I have found the program especially useful in fixing my back ache; I used to suffer from intermittent acute lower back pain, owing to a sedentary job and overall lifestyle. Some of the exercises focusing on the lower back done as part of the personal Training program have helped me overcome this problem; I no longer suffer from the lower back pain. Additionally, the combination of strength training and floor exercises has led to an overall increase in fitness and agility.
My thanks and best wishes to Parag Mhetre and his team for this excellent program.
Rajan Taneja(28),(Director)
Palm Holdings,India.
Performance and concentration in work is doubled, I can see that change in my colleagues after 2 months, I am surprised just 30-40 minutes of Functional fitness can actually do wonders
Mrs. Padmaja Ankola(42)
Home maker.
6 months before I came to know I had cervical spondylitis at this age of 48. Doctors recommended exercises will heal up everything slowly. I came to know about personal Training program which Parag have designed. In first 2 months I got amazing results, after completing of 3 months I did lose some inches (all exercises done at home). As per Parag's guarantee I plan to continue all these exercises at home for rest of my life, his team support have been tremendous. Good luck to him.
Ashok Taneja(55)(Founder)
Palm holdings, Canada.
After living my entire life at UK and Canada, having been fitness freak, I am good to see that we have Parag in India, who can be called as Functional fitness expert, absolutely amazing results in short period of time.
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