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  • Do you have to wait for few minutes for your next set?.
  • Does your workout time is more than 1 hour?.
  • Does your trainer lack motivation?.
  • Do you workout hard, and still not able to get the desired results?.

We at Energy24x7 will help you to answer and solve all your queries until you get satisfied at your home or at our studio. Health cannot be ignored nor the workouts be taken causally. We will give you motivation that is needed, to help you move to next level in fitness.

Functional fitness does not need machines for exercises.Traditional weight lifting is what is called "Sagital-plane Static", meaning your body is in a fixed position while pressing weight towards and away from you in a liner manner (direct line of applied force) while attempting not to use momentum targeting an isolated muscle group. Even the muscle group is different.Traditional bodybuilding targets "Muscle Hypertrophy" -an increase in muscle size. Most people associate size with strength. What most people do not know is that 50-70 Percent of Hypertrophy size is from luid called "Sarcoplasm". Sarcoplasmic volume accounts for 50-70 Percent of muscle gain/size through weight lifting-contributing very little to direct strength. Functional fitness or Kettlebell training is the antithesis of traditional weight lifting-using all (3) planes of motion simultaneously-heavily targeting the transverse plane-this is where 70 Percent of all injuries occur.

Typical Kettlebell training is based upon generating momentum and then perpetuating, redirecting and decelerating that momentum

Almost every Kettlebell of functional exercise engages literally hundreds of muscles at once.Most expert level Kettlebell enthusiasts have profound functional strength without bulky size. This is because the very nature of Kettlebell training triggers greater "Myofibril Density". Myofibrils are contractile organisms within the muscle that directly related to strength - so muscles become incredibly dense (strong) without bulky size.

Our concept strongly promotes Kettlebell exercises for structural integrity. We don't believe in treadmill as we consider it non-functional, so our clubs will never be equipped with treadmill. We take care of cardiovascular exercise through Trampoline, Cross trainer and Kettlebell workouts which is way far better than treadmill. In fact NASA have approved Trampoline exercise is better for cardiovascular than any other form of exercise.

Training on multifunctional trainer, suspension system, battling ropes,sand bag or Bulgarian bag workouts are some of the key training equipments which is used by us for the very first time in Pune and Mumbai.

Helping losing weight for clients is a piece of cake for us as we are much focused on our principals,which are
  1. Sharper interconnectivity of 10 body system
  2. Training movements not muscles
  3. Cellular health
  4. Structural Integrity

We address special population/senior citizens by giving personalized service at their home or at our studio.

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