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Message from Parag:

Parag Mhetre is a Mechanical engineer, fitness consultant, karate exponent and functional training expert.
Being into IT field earlier Parag travelled to US and UK for work and Sport and understands the time crunch and work pressure corporates have, in this scenerio workouts cannot be ignored at any cost.

Having cognizance of all situations Energy24x7 focuses on core strengthening and exercises primarily to improve Functional strength. The concept behind this is to maximize the effects of workout in minimum time.
His 14 years plus experience in the field of fitness in India and overseas allows him to say that human body needs to move in all different planes while exercising in order to be Functionally fit.

Kettlebell workouts is a next big thing in fitness, isolating body parts while doing workouts, like chest press, shoulder press, leg press, eventually makes body dysfunctional as you use your core very less. Kettlebell workouts connect upper and lower body through kinetic chain making you more functional. At last he would say...

The (2) most common forms of exercise I see in my neighborhood - walking - running. Some will stop and ask me if I'm training for a competition or some strongman event. They look the same, month after month - Fragile. If you were faced with a Life or Death situation - would you have the Strength, Endurance, Mobility and Agility to Survive? It's better to have conditioning that can save your life and not need it ... than to need that level of conditioning and not have it.

About Core team members

Parag Mhetre
Parag Mhetre (BE, MBA)

Achievements in Abroad :-

  1. Represented India in Open World Karate Championship at Germany in 2000 and won Bronze medal for India.
  2. Represented India in Dutch Open Karate Championship at Netherlands in 1999 and won Silver medal for India.
  3. Represented India in Full contact Kumite (fights) at Nepal in 1999 and won Bronze medal for India.

Achievements in India :-

  1. Represented Maharashtra in National level Karate Championship at Balewadi, Pune in 2002 and won Gold Medal for State.
  2. Represented Maharashtra in National level Karate Championship at Balewadi, Pune in 1995 and won Gold Medal for State.
  3. Represented Pune in State level Karate Championship (SHINTO KAN-ZEN-RYU) held at Pune in 1998 and won Silver Medal for the City.
  4. Represented Pune in State level Karate Championship (Self defense Institute of Indian Karate) held at Mumbai in 1993 and won Silver Medal for the City.

Other Achievements:-

  1. Conducted first International Kettlebell & Body weight training workshop at Singapore - Feb 2013
  2. Lifted 3600 kgs through 140 reps with 20kgs Kettlebell for CKT level 2 at Athens, Greece to become First Indian to reach at that level.
  3. Attended Open World full contact Kumite (fights) held in Paris in 2000.
  4. Learnt TaeBO (Group X activity) in Michigan US in 2005.
  5. Awarded Man of Caliber by Bajaj Auto and Midday Newspaper in 1999.
  6. On the panel of Referee for Indian Kyokushinkai-Karate-Do association.

Key International Certifications :-

  1. First person in India to appear & clear Movnat (Natural Movement Physical Education & Fitness) level 1 certification - Singapore 2013
  2. IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT) Level 2 (Fitness & Movement Dynamics) – Athens, Greece - 2012
  3. IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT) Level 1, USA - 2011
  4. World Kettlebell Club (WKC) - (Russian Style) Certified for Kettlebell Fitness Trainer from Chicago, USA - 2011
  5. Awarded Blackbelt 1st DAN by International Budo federation (IBF) India - 1999
  6. Kris Gethin's (DTP) & Neil Hill's(Y3T) - Physique Elite Trainer Level 1,'s official elite training qualification - Mumbai 2012

Recommendations :-

Parag Mhetre does fantastic job of teaching fundamentals of Kettlebell lifting and has strong foundation. I recommend EKFA's Kettlebell course as a great preparation course for the trainers.

Steve Cotter, IKFF President

Abhinav Malhotra
Abhinav Malhotra
Bcom,PGM (IIM Indore)
Director & Fitness Consultant, Master Trainer


  1. Participated in Basketball at State level in high school (2001).
  2. Participated in Basketball at District level in high school (1998).

Other Achievements:-

  1. The first Indian to compete in International Kettlebell Lifting championship and  winning a medal in his category (Hongkong Kettlebell Sport Championship 2012)
  2. IKFF (International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation) certified for Kettlebell, Body-weight and Mobility workshop.
  3. Certificate of participation by IKFF for CKT Level 1 course.
  4. Member of NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association).
  5. Member of IKFF (International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation).
  6. Pursuing Advanced Personal Training for Special Population from K11.

Certifications :-

  1. IKSFA (Russia) Certified Kettlebell Sport Coach – Level 1
  2. IKFF (USA) certified in Kettlebell, Bodyweight & Mobility Training
  3. CrossFit - Level1 Trainer
  4. Certified in Advanced Personal Training for Special Population from K11.


I give my highest recommendation to Abhinav Malhotra as an experienced kettlebell lifting coach and a good friend! 
 - Rudnev Sergey - Worlds no 1 coach (President IKSFA, MSIC, 5-time world champion, 5-time champion of Russia)

Sayee Tapikar
Sayee Tapikar

MA (Psychology),
PG (Physical education)
Fitness Consultant and Corporate Sales


  1. Stood second in Sociology exam in Pune University.

Other Achievements:-

  1. Group X class expert, trained the trainers to setup Group X class at various clubs.
  2. Pilate and TAG class expert.
  3. Kathak dance teacher.

Certifications :-

  1. PG (Physical education) from Symbiosis.
  2. AFA - Abs Fitness, (Personal training, Certified).
  3. Six Sigma Yellow Belt from Sigma VERITAS.
  4. K11 WorkShop Certified for Knee Pathologies and Home based PT, Pune.
  5. Kathak Dancer certified from Gandharva Mahavidyalay, Pune.

Dr Arun Desai
Dr Arun Desai
MBBS,MD (Medicine)


  1. Stood first in Miraj Medical College in MBBS.
  2. Best Secretary (Management)- Rotary Club Dist 313.

Other Achievements:-

  1. President - Doctors Fraternity Club.

Certifications :-

  1. Talwalkars certified for Personal training, Pune.
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